Hull Oral Health Statistics: Latest Survey for 5 Year Olds 2015


In Hull by the time the average child gets to 5 years old he or she will have on average 1.6 decayed, extracted or filled teeth.

Those children with decay (normally from the poorest communities in the City) will have on average 4.1 decayed, extracted or filled teeth and those with the poorest dental health will have 4.6 teeth decayed, extracted or filled.

On Average by the time a child in hull reached 5 years of age, 12.7% will have decay in their front teeth and in poorer areas this will rise to 16.77%

Both the proportion of children experiencing tooth decay and the severity of tooth decay increases with increasing deprivation. Hull has high levels of deprivation as compared with other local authorities and is within the 5% most deprived local authorities in England.  Just over 30% of children under 16 years old live in poverty which is the highest in North Yorkshire and Humber.

There have been no measurable improvements in proportion of 5 year children with tooth decay or the severity of tooth decay levels in children in Hull between 2007/08 and 2014/15. So in spite of all the efforts by the dental community between 2007 and 20015 there has been no significant improvement in the dental health of 5 yr olds. We need help.

This data demonstrates that Hull is in the top 10 % worst areas in England out of 152 Local Authority Areas BUT it also demonstrates the INEQUALITY in dental health in our City.  

The results of the 5yr Old survey are available at: